Big Brother: Booktube Edition

I consider myself both a Big Brother fan and a fan of books. I was wondering what a season of Big Brother would look with only Booktubers and book bloggers so here are the 17 Booktubers/Book Bloggers I would want in the Big Brother house!

Houseguests:      1. Sasha Alsberg – abookutopia

2. Christine Riccio – polandbananasBOOKS

3. Kat O’Keeffe – Katytastic

4. Jesse George – jessethereader

5. Kaitlyn Foster – Big Screen Books

6. Caden Armstrong – athousandbookstoread

7. Jesy Elyse – jesyelyse

8. Jonathan Spielberg – Gryffindor Books

9. Jordan – Page Travels & The YA Times

    10. Michael – Michael Booklion

11. Emma – emmmabooks

12. Jill – Midnight Reads

13. Hailey – Hailey in Bookland

14. Jay Gaunt – The Awkward Bookworm

15. Sara – sarawithouthanh

16. Liz – elizziebooks

17. Zoë – readbyzoë

These are 17 people that I would love to be in a bookish version of Big Brother!! So, who would you want to see in a bookish version of Big Brother?? Also, who would you vote to be the first evicted houseguest?? Please let me know in the comments!

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